IHC Antibodies

From antigen design to validation, GenomeMe develops immunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies targeting the critical markers you need to make your diagnosis with confidence. Expect uncompromising quality at unbeatable prices when you choose GenomeMe. GeneAb hybridomas are specifically designed, developed, screened, and validated for immunohistochemistry (IHC). Our antibodies are tested by ELISA, WB, IHC and ICC to ensure uncompromising performance in specificity and sensitivity.

Actin, Smooth Muscle (IHC506)

Annexin A1 (IHC512)


BG8 Lewis Y (IHC517)


CA-125 (IHC125)

CD2 (IHC531)

CD5 (IHC538)

CD15/Leu-M1 (IHC527)

CD44 (IHC044)

CD45 (LCA) (IHC045)

CD45R (IHC536)

CD56 (IHC056)

CD57 (IHC539)

CD138 (IHC138)

CDX-2 (IHC402)

CEA (IHC543)

Collagen Type IV (IHC549)

COX-2 (IHC550)

Cytokeratin 18 (IHC018)

Cytokeratin 19 (IHC019)

DOG1 (IHC562)

E-cadherin (IHC564)


Ep-CAM/Epithelial Specific Antigen (IHC567)

Estrogen Receptor (IHC403)

EZH2 (IHC570)

Fibronectin (IHC575)

FSH (IHC580)

GATA3 (IHC583)

GLUT1 (IHC404)

Glycophorin A (IHC587)

Glypican-3 (IHC405)

Hairy Cell Leukemia (IHC687)

hCG (IHC593)

hENT1 (IHC595)

HER2/neu (IHC042)

HMB-45 (IHC602)

IDH1 R132H (IHC132)

Kappa (IHC610)

KBA.62 (Melanoma Associated Antigen) (IHC062)

Ki-67 (IHC067)

LMO2 (IHC615)

MDR3 (IHC621)

MLH1 (IHC409)

MSH2 (IHC410)

MUC1 (IHC623)


MUC6 (IHC626)

Myogenin (IHC631)

Nanog (IHC634)

Napsin A (IHC635)

N-cadherin (IHC636)

Nerve Growth Factor Receptor (NGFR) (IHC637)

p16 (IHC116)

p27 (IHC027)

p40 (IHC040)

p53 (IHC053)

p57 kip2 (IHC057)

p63 (IHC063)

p504s (IHC504)

PAX-5 (IHC005)

PAX8 (IHC008)

PD-1 (IHC001)

PD-L1 (IHC411)

LewisPMS2 (IHC412)

Podoplanin (IHC650)

Progesterone Receptor (IHC651)

PSA (IHC654)


S-100 (IHC100)

SALL4 (IHC659)

SOX 2 (IHC665)

SOX10 (IHC010)

SOX-11 (IHC011)

Stathmin (IHC667)

Survivin (IHC668)

TAG-72 (IHC072)

Tau (IHC696)

TFE3 (IHC672)

Thymidylate Synthase (IHC697)

Thyroglobulin (IHC674)

TIM3 (IHC003)

TTF-1 (IHC414)

Vimentin (IHC684)