3D Cell Culture

VitroGel® 3D is a pure and unmodified hydrogel that allows the maximum flexibility to manipulate the 3D cell culture environment for different needs. The unmodified hydrogel matrix structure is good for cell spheroid formation, suspension cells or cells requiring low cell-matrix interactions. VitroGel® is also supplied in various peptide combinations.


VitroGel® RGD

VitroGel® 3D

VitroGel 3D-RGD

VitroGel® LDP1

VitroGel® LDP2

VitroGel® LDP3

VitroGel® IKVAV

VitroGel® YIGSR

VitroGel® MMP

Support Medium

VitroGel® Cell Recovery Solution (100 mL)

VitroGel® Dilution Solution TYPE 1 (100 mL)

VitroGel® Dilution Solution TYPE 2 (100 mL)



VitroINK™ RGD – Bioink Starter Kit

VitroINK™ 3D – Bioink Starter Kit


VitroINK™ 3D

VitroINK Mixing Kit – Complete Pack

VitroINK 3:1 Mixing Component Pack – Single Use

VitroINK 10:1 Mixing Component Pack – Single Use

30G Precision Tapered Nozzle Tip (50)

27G Precision Tapered Nozzle Tip (50)

25G Precision Tapered Nozzle Tip (50)

22G Precision Tapered Nozzle Tip (50)

30G Needle Tip (50)

27G Needle Tip (50)

25G Needle Tip (50)

22G Needle Tip, 6.35mm (50)

Luer Lock Connector – Female to Female (Sterile)