Our Partners

AcceGen proudly develops innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets. We are committed to supplying the best products and services with global manufacturing, development expertise and advanced technologies to enhance the overall quality of life.

Precision medicine starts with precision diagnostics – this is the core belief of GenomeMe. Since its inception in 2015, GenomeMe has been developing and commercializing novel IVD tools for the detection, characterization and prognosis of cancer in order to make precision medicine more accessible.

The CelartiaTM cell culture system, based on Petaka G3, applies scientific reasoning and sound engineering to transform the art of cell culture into a science of standardized results. Using an in-depth knowledge of research methodology and an understanding of the industrial and medical need for cell cultures, Celartia TM scientists focus on cell biology, specifically, the creation of cutting-edges tool and procedures for growing cells in the most scientific, consistent and efficient manner.

TheWell Bioscience's mission is to accelerate the process of drug discovery and personalized medicine. Our goal is to fill the gap between 2D studies and animal models with a robust 3D model analysis platform to achieve better efficiency and empower life science research.

With over 20 years in the label manufacturing industry, LabTAGTM understands the identification challenges faced by it's customers in the Biotech, Life Sciences, and Healthcare fields. As such, we offer a range of specialty labels that will stand up to the harshest conditions, including cryogenic storage, chemical exposure, sterilization protocols, and general medical use, with fully-customizable options also available.